ultra_fastThese two high speed doors are great commercial garage doors to keep your place of business safe. To learn more about our rolling doors, take the time to reach out to us.

UltraFast™ High Speed Door

Fast, Heavy Duty, and Self Repairing for High Traffic Areas

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Our self-repairing UltraFast™ high speed door is a work-horse. This commercial garage door was designed specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial, and commercial applications. The rolling door can be applied in either interior or exterior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem. When fork-truck traffic is high, maintenance is a concern and safety concerns are at a premium, UltraFast™ is the solution.

ultra_bigUltraBig M & I High Speed Rubber Door

Sturdy, Heavy Duty, and Reliable for Large Openings in Harsh Environments

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Our UltraBig M & I Re-Coil-Away, “The World’s Toughest High Speed Rubber Door”, is designed for door openings over 30 feet x 30 feet. This big and tough rolling door provides dependable performance in the most rugged industrial applications. The heavy duty side frames, thick rubber curtain and patented windlock design form a near airtight seal and can resist extreme wind pressures. The UltraBig M &I is designed to last. It is durable, safe, low cost to maintain and can take a hit.