The hustle and bustle never stops in New York City, and parking lots are not excluded. When a parking lot is used by both customers and residents, it’s important to monitor activity, limit use, and — ultimately — maintain security between the general public and those living in nearby complexes.

United Steel Products offers a variety of access controls that give you the power to regulate, monitor, and secure mixed-use parking lots. The technology is simple, installation is a breeze, and accessing the parking lot is still easy. Check out the following access control products that work best for mixed-use parking lots, and contact United Steel Products today to place an order and learn more about additional access controls that can help you keep your parking lot safe.

CAP2D Connected Access Portal With Two-Door Controller

Monitor activity, receive alerts, and control up to two gates or doors to your parking lot at a time with the CAP2D access control system. This system is cloud-based, providing better data security and the ability to monitor gate activity remotely.

The CAP2D features a variety of capabilities, which includes:

  • Two-door controlling
  • Storage for 25,000 different resident credentials
  • 6,000 local event history events when offline
  • Holiday and hold-open scheduling
  • Universal compatibility with Wiegand formats
  • No facility code limitations

In the event of a power outage, residents and customers will still be able to access the parking lot. This is because data is stored locally as well as on the cloud.

You can also set up email alerts to see when a suspended code has been entered or an active code has been used too many times. The myQ® Business™ system that the access control runs on also keeps data secure and resident information safeguarded.

Learn more about the CAP2D access control system by checking out the brochure or talking to one of us here at USP.

KPR2000 Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader

You can also secure a mixed-use parking lot by installing a keypad and swipe card access control system. The KPR2000 Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader can have up to 2,000 different users who can be given a PIN number, an access card, or both.

When assigning a PIN number, the code must be four to six digits long, and may or may not include the need for an access card as well. Security configuration is set up by you, so you can decide how many steps of authentication a resident or customer needs in order to access the lot.

This access control system is versatile and features a modern, sleek design. The system can function as a stand-alone system or in a pass-through mode with a Wiegand format. The keypad features a handy blue backlight, and the case is entirely weatherproof — both of which make it applicable for either indoor or outdoor installation.

Learn more about the KPR2000 access control system in this brochure, and contact USP today if you’d like to order it.

MAT High-Traffic DC Barrier Gate Operator

The MAT Barrier Gate Operator is perfect for high-traffic areas like your NYC mixed-use parking lot. The barrier arm can be up to 17 feet long to ensure the security of the entire lot entrance and exit, as well as red LED light and DOT tape for 24-hour visibility.

This barrier gate operator uses a heavy-duty motor for high-traffic and heavy use. Even if the power goes out, the gate will still work for up to 900 cycles. The operator also works smoothly to open and close the barrier, which extends to overall life of the system.

The MAT barrier also features smart technology like a sequenced access management system or SAMS to provide control between the barrier and gate operator for maximum traffic flow. The system also uses an auxiliary programmable relay to easily add accessories. The barrier gate operator also utilizes multi-vehicle memory, which keeps the barrier arm open until all authorized vehicles have passed.

Learn more about how your mixed-use parking lot could benefit from the MAT Barrier Gate Operator in our helpful brochure, and contact USP today to place your order.

PPWR Credentialed Radio Control Solutions

For an access control system that can be controlled remotely, the PPWR radio control is perfect for multi-use parking lots.

The PPWR features an integrated remote control credentialed solution, making it compatible with all LiftMaster® gate access and most other garage door openers. The PPWR also uses superior range technology and can function on three different frequencies at the same time. This eliminates interference and improves the overall range at which it works.

Other features of the PPWR include:

  • Easy programming
  • Compatibility with all standard Wiegand protocols
  • A design for outdoor environments
  • Compatibility with one- and three-button controls
  • Easy management of all entrances
  • A backup memory module

Learn more about how these features improve the security of your parking lot by checking out the PPWR brochure.


For more information on these access controls for your mixed-use parking lot or to place an order, contact United Steel Products today.


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