Are you looking for security grilles that are easy to use? Do you want to utilize higher security measures in your store? Of course, you do and United Steel Products can help you achieve better security in your facility. Our rolling security grilles come in many different types and forms, but they will all keep your facility safe from intruders or other outside forces. We strive to meet your needs when it comes to the security of your facility. After all, we know how important it is to have good safety at your store.

The Models that we offer are top-quality. We provide Model 150 through 395 for these security grilles. These rolling doors are much more beneficial for stores in malls or that face the street, unlike some of our other options that are specific toward warehouses or storage units. The security grilles are sturdy, secure, and safe. If you want to keep your store sheltered from outside forces, then these rolling security grilles are the right way to go.

Each of our models can offer you a little something different. We have the basic security grille or Model 150 that is great for stores that face the street and have entrances from the outside. Whether you own a convenience store or a drug store, these security grills can be the best option. This Model has security shutters that are made up to your specifications. You can also create available spacers with different colors. This security grille has a brick pattern or a straight one too, so you can customize the look of your rolling doors to match the appearance of your store.

On the other end of the Model spectrum, we offer security grilles for stores that are inside of malls. These Models are 350, 375, and 395. Additionally, we also offer the Modern Lexan Grille, which is to close up pharmacies in drug stores such as Walgreens or CVS. Each of these rolling security grilles can be personalized to create a grille pattern to keep your facility safe. For example, you can utilize the AG-3, AG-6, or the AG-9. The pattern of the grilles will come down to what you want to keep your store safe.

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to being the preferred security grill company in the New York City area for your store whether it’s inside a mall or facing the street.