High speed doors are great for warehouses and other similar types of facilities that need reliable security precautions. These high speed doors are perfect for commercial businesses, especially when the traffic is frequent and there are concerns about commercial door safety.

At United Steel Products, we offer a variety of bold sleek designs that add to the visual appeal of your building. Our rolling doors are made from a simple patented design that will ensure maintenance-free cycles hundreds and thousands of times. Additionally, we strive to make sure door safety is covered since we understand the concerns about it and how paramount it is, especially for employers. Whatever type of high speed door you’d like in your facility, we can help you find the right one to ensure security.

Our high speed doors come in many different types. Some are great for cold storage and others are for warehouses. Whatever your needs might be, United Steel Products will meet your expectations when it comes to your rolling door and the security it offers. If you own a restaurant or a warehouse that stores food, you’ll want cold storage that’s reliable and will conserve energy and keep your items cold and safe. We can help you meet your expectations, especially with productivity.

If you want a high speed door that’s reliable and tough, then the Ultratough is the right option to go with. This roller shutter door will protect your product loads from high winds as well as keep the facility clean and not contaminated. When energy loss occurs, there are durable doors and last opening speeds as well as reliable operations to maintain the workflow. These high speed doors are meant to go fast with industrial-strength in all of the entrance ways, which is why it makes for such a perfect rolling door in warehouses, storage facilities, and more.

Choose reliable and strong roller shutter doors. Our rolling doors are made to withstand even the harshest environment. New York City gets very cold, which is why our doors will withstand against extreme temperatures. Even in the dead of winter, these roller shutters doors will continue to work efficiently. The Gusset and Windlock systems can keep the door functioning in winds that are up to 20 psi. If you’d like to purchase our high speed doors, then contact United Steel Products and we’ll help you choose the best one for your facility.