Do you want rolling doors that are sturdy? At United Steel Products, we can offer your facility side folding security grilles. These grilles are a little different than some of our other models because of how they open as well as the materials that they are made from. Instead of opening them from the top, you can slide them from the side and instead of metal, tempered glass is used in some of our Models.

These folding security gates are great for airport shops, hospital cafeterias, and more. What’s nice about these side folding security grilles is that they are lightweight and great for facilities that need to close off specific areas in the building. For example, closing off a cafeteria, store, or sections of a school or in an office. When you choose United Steel Product, you’re able to take advantage of rolling doors that are top-quality and versatile.

We offer a few different Models that will fade into the decor of your facility while still allowing protection without it becoming too intrusive to your facility. The Models that we offer at United Steel Products range from 875 to 890. Each of these Models will offer you a little something different, but they are all rolling doors that are security grilles.

These Models are a unique option because of how it closes off the open space in a vertical manner. They will fold into themselves, so it makes it easier to move. Whether you’re in a hospital, office, or a school, these folding security gates are the best choice for any establishment that needs a little extra protection.

The Models that we provide are top-quality and will divide your facility. The security grilles in a majority of these models easily blend into the background, no matter the type of pattern that’s chosen for the rolling door. What’s great about this option it still provides open space while providing safety. Many of these Models, such as the Model 880 and the 885 have tempered glass lites, which helps with visibility as well as security. The Model 880 is a little different than our other options and can be a beneficial option to close off areas in banks or hospitals. The tempered glass that’s in the panels will enhance the use of security.

Are you interested in learning more about these side folding security grilles? Contact us today and we’ll get started on choosing the right Model for your establishment. We look forward to helping you secure your facility!