When you make a large purchase, you’ll want to make sure that you have the necessary accessories to accommodate it. Whether you purchase a car or a new roller shutter door, you’ll want to ensure that you can get the most out of your new item. Dock bumpers are one of the many items that people forget about when they purchase their new roller shutter doors because they figure that they’ll be all set after getting this new safety measure. However, that’s not always the case. Dock bumpers, levelers, seals, and shelters are some of the best items that you can buy. Not only will it keep your door safe from any accidents, but it can also offer vehicle restraints, which means that the vehicles you’re loading items to on the dock are safe and secure.

The dock levelers come in many different models. We offer the mechanical, hydraulic, and air powered models for commercial garage doors. What’s great about these options are that your can take advantage of the many different capabilities and sizes that it offers. It not only increased the security in your facility, but also the productivity. Additionally, it’ll save you money and keep your facility safe and responsible.

The dock seals are another option that can be exceptionally beneficial for an establishment. The dock seals will create a compression area around the top and the sides of the trailer that’s foam-filled. It helps with energy efficiency and climate control, which makes it great for cold storage. By reducing the cost of energy, we can help you save money as well as create a comfortable environment to work in for your employees.

The dock bumpers are some of our more popular items because they create a much safer loading area. They will protect the walls of your facility as well as the trailer when you’re loading items. These dock bumpers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure your facility is as safe as can be.

The dock shelters offer you more access to controls with your roller shutter doors. These dock shelters differ when it comes to impact levels, but for the most part they will keep out bad weather such as snow or rain as well as pieces of debris that might be trying to sneak in.

Our last item is vehicle restraints. These vehicle restraints will help with even the toughest conditions. With touch controls for the interior and exterior as well as communication systems, the vehicle restraints will raise your security.

If you’d like to purchase a dock leveler, seal, or a bumper, then contact us today and we’ll get started on helping you find the best one for your warehouse or other establishment.