Residents of gated communities rely on the safety and security of access controls to easily reach their homes, but also to keep unwelcome guests out of the neighborhood. New York City is the most populated city in the U.S., so managing access to these communities is vital for your each resident’s peace of mind.

United Steel Products knows that there is no substitute for feeling safe in your own home and neighborhood, which is why we offer a variety of access controls for residential gated communities. Check out the following systems that we recommend for gated communities, and contact us today if you’d like to place an order.

CAP2D Connected Access Portal With Two-Door Controller

Control two gates at once using one access control system. The CAP2D uses the cloud-based software myQ® Business™ to open two different entrances at once, manage resident data, and monitor gate activity.

Keep track of activity and monitor potential unauthorized access by receiving email alerts when a suspended code has been entered or an active code has been entered too many times. You can also view activity remotely, so you know exactly who is entering and leaving the neighborhood.

Even though the CAP2D is cloud-based, it does store information locally in the event of a power outage or the internet goes down. This allows residents to still use the access control without any issues.

Learn more about the CAP2D access control system by reading this informational brochure, and contact USP today to place an order.

CAPXL Connected Access Portal for High Capacity

For more communication with residents and to manage more data, the CAPXL connected access portal offers a full-color touchscreen display, a crystal-clear callbox, and easy code access.

The CAPXL access control system also uses myQ® Business™ cloud-based software, so you can easily track activity, monitor the use of suspended codes, and receive notifications about overused codes.

This access control system is perfect for larger gated communities. Learn more about all of its capabilities from the CAPXL brochure, and contact us today to order this access control system.

CSW24UL High-Traffic Commercial Swing Gate Operator

Nothing maintains the sophistication and security of a gated community like a swing gate operator. USP offers the CSW24UL 24VDC swing gate operator that is ideal for high levels or traffic and even commercial use. When used for residential purposes, the operator has a seven-year warranty.

The access control is enabled with a backup battery that allows the operator to work without power for up to 146 cycles or 24 days. The surge suppression also protects the system against surges and lightning strikes up to 50 feet away.

Enabled with myQ® technology, you’re able to monitor activity remotely in order to keep residents and guests safe. Learn more about the CSW24UL swing gate operator, and contact USP today to order.

KPR2000 Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader

The KPR2000 is a single-entry multi-function access controller that keeps the community secure using different modes of access. Enable PIN numbers, keycards, or both to give access to residents and guests. The system stores up to 2,000 different user codes for larger neighborhoods.

The design of this access control system is built with security in mind. The number pad is backlit with a cool blue light, the system is weather-proof, and the rugged metal enclosure is vandal-resistant. The system also features an anti-tampering alarm in the event that someone has tried to open the case.

Learn more about the full capabilities of the KPR2000 Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader, and contact USP today if you’re interested in ordering it for your gated community.

LMSC1000 LiftMaster® Proprietary RFID Long-Range Reader 

Go hands-free with the LMSC1000 RFID Long-Range Reader. This access control system uses radio frequency to detect when authorized vehicles are approaching the gate, open in a timely manner to keep traffic moving, and close quickly to prevent any unauthorized access.

Each resident or guest will use either a rearview mirror RFID hang tag or a windshield RFID tag to gain access. Each tag can be identified by the access controller from 20 to 30 feet away, allowing residents to enter the neighborhood without ever having to stop at the gate.

As a safety measure, the RFID tags are non-transferable and break once they are removed from their designated vehicle. This prevents entry in the event of theft or potential misuse.

Learn more about the LMSC1000 access control system, and order today from USP.

PPK3M & PPV3M Remote Controls

Remote access has never been easier than with the PPK3M or PPV3M remote control system for garage doors or gates. Purchase individually or in a pack of 100. These access controls use credentialed IDs to give access to guests.

Learn more about their capabilities and the systems they’re compatible with by checking out the Passport brochure. Contact USP today to order.


Keep your NYC gated community safe with the help of United Steel Products. Contact us for more information or to place an order.



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