Whether woodworking is how you make your living or something you’re really passionate about, making sure your wood shop follows some safety guidelines with keep you, your projects, and your employees safe.

There’s nothing quite as damaging to a woodshop as fire, and there are a lot of tips that should be heeded in order to prevent fires and the loss of your woodworking projects. Make sure you’re doing the following things in your woodshop to prevent fires and protect your belongings in the event of one.

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Clean Up Sawdust

One of the easiest ways to prevent fires in your shop is to make sure you clean up after yourself — especially sawdust. This should be a main chore that you complete daily in your shop. Clean up before taking a break, at the end of the day, and in between projects.

Keeping your shop clean of sawdust is vital, as this is one of the main sources of fuel that a fire has in case one starts. Don’t let it spread by sweeping or vacuuming up sawdust regularly.

Safely Dispose Of Or Store Flammable Items

If you’re using oil cloths in your shop, make sure you dispose of the used rags properly. Wash your hands after handling oily rags so you don’t spread it onto the wood or other tools.

Oil is a highly flammable liquid that spreads easily and burns quickly, so keep these and other flammable items — like varnish, stain, and wax — safely stored.

Safely Use Electronics

You’re probably using a lot of tools that use electricity in your woodshop, which is necessary for quality cuts and working efficiently. One thing to keep in mind, though, is the quality of the cords to your electric tools, as well as their security to the power source.

Ensure that all cords are plugged in tightly to the electrical outlet and can’t be pulled loose. Cords should be lax and not pull when you’re using the tool. Examine the cords of your electric tools regularly as well. Cords that are frayed, cracked, or have exposed wires should be mended or replaced to prevent a fire from sparking.

Install A Fire Detection And Sprinkler System

There are only so many hazards that can be avoided in a woodshop, so it’s important to have a fire detection and sprinkler system in place in the event of a fire.

Heat detectors can be connected to sprinkler systems as well as other fire safety mechanisms to activate in case of an emergency. Another fire safety mechanism includes fire shutters and fire doors, which automatically close to contain the fire and prevent it from causing more damage.

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