Albany cleanroom high speeds doors protect against drafts, humidity, dust, and dirt. The ASSA ABLOY is the leading cleanroom door manufacturer. It delivers Albany cleanroom doors perfected for controlled environments. Our cleanroom doors feature an almost airtight seal, which minimizes pressure drops and protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust, and dirt. These advanced high speed doors are ideal for cleanroom and associated controlled environment applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro­ mechanics industries.

Albany RR300 Clean high-speed cleanroom doors

The Albany RR300 Clean high speed cleanroom doors help to minimize contamination risks and meet hygienic standards for controlled environments without compromising product quality or worker safety. This high speed door has exceptionally fast speeds, near airtight seals and durable performance provide greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements. The requirements include: ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C.

Albany RR300 Clean

  • Door dimensions: Max.of 11.5 feet x 11.5 feet
  • Opening/closing speeds: Up to 100 inches per second I 24 inches per
  • ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) rated and is GMP Class C certified
  • FDA certified PVC door panel
  • Maintains hygienic conditions in controlled environments
  • Stainless steel door components
  • Touchless activator for hygienic operations
  • Insulated reversing soft bottom bar
  • Low profile side frame

PDF – RR300