There is no substitute for feeling safe in the Big Apple, and United Steel Products is here to ensure that each and every one of your high-rise residents feels safe parking their car in their community parking garage.

If your New York City community’s private parking garage is due for a security upgrade, check out the following access control options that USP offers to maintain or increase the safety of this residential area. Contact us today for more information on these products and to place an order.

CAP2D Connected Access Portal With Two-Door Controller

The CAP2D access control system makes managing and securing private parking garages easier than ever. The system is cloud-based and secure using myQ® Business™, which eliminates the need for difficult wiring and extra steps in the installation process.

Each CAP2D can control two different doors or gates to a parking garage, allowing you to save money on the number of access controls you need to purchase.

With the CAP2D access control, you don’t need to worry about losing access during an internet outage or blackout. The system is able to store up to 25,000 credentials locally so that residents can access the parking garage at any time.

This access control system is also easy to manage, with remote programming available and the ability to monitor activity using the cloud-based software. The system will send email alerts if a suspended code has been entered or an active code is being overused. The cloud-based security also keeps credentials and resident information protected.

Don’t worry about these access controls rendering an old system useless either. The CAP2D is universally compatible with 26-, 30-, and 37-bit Wiegand-compatible readers, receivers, and RFID readers. Read the entire brochure about the CAP2D access control system for more information, and contact USP today to order yours.

CAPXL Connected Access Portal for High Capacity

Create a better user experience for guests and residents of your high-rise community with the CAPXL access control system for the parking garage. This access control system features a full-color display screen and crystal-clear call quality for easy usability and simple interactions.

The CAPXL also uses the myQ® Business™ smart access control software, keeping all information and functions cloud-based. This allows you to review activity remotely and your guests to access the parking garage with ease.

The device is durable and user-friendly, with a stainless steel case; full-color, touch screen display; and local system memory to access data even during a power outage.

This system is perfect for larger communities, with the capacity to store 50,000 resident credentials, the ability to control up to four gates or doors with one device, and compatibility with 26-, 30-, and 37-bit Wiegand formats.

For better security, easier communication, and ease of access for your residents, trust the CAPXL access control system. Learn more about the mechanics, capacities, and specifications of the CAPXL by checking out the brochure.

HCTDCUL Specialty Overhead Operator

Make sure the garage doors to your residential parking facility work efficiently and are safe for your residents. With the HCTDCUL Specialty Overhead Operator, you can easily control rolling garage doors for multi-unit parking garages.

This system has a five-year warranty and needs little maintenance to continue working optimally. The system is quiet, operates smoothly, features a mid-travel reversal function, and is also finished with a rust-protectant coating.

Use myQ® technology to monitor door activity and set security controls from anywhere. You can also program the speed of the door, preventing tailgating to keep your property secure.

Learn about all the features of the HCTDCUL by checking out the full brochure, and contact USP today to discuss whether or not this is the access control system for your high-rise community parking garage.

KPR2000 Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader

Ensure the security of a private parking garage with different requirements to access it. The KPR2000 Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader can be programmed to accept a keycard, PIN number, or both to gain entry.

The system is capable of storing up to 2,000 different user codes and PIN numbers that are four to six digits long — all of which still work when the system is offline. 

The sleek access control device features a blue backlight on the keypad, time-saving block card enrollment, and a weather-safe design. It can function as a stand-alone controller or in Wiegand pass-through modes.

Learn more about the KPR2000 here, and contact USP today if you’d like to place an order.

LMSC1000 LiftMaster® RFID Long-Range Reader

Allow residents easy access to their private parking garage with the LMSC1000 access control that can read RFID tags from 20 to 30 feet away. Residents can access the building with either a rearview mirror RFID hang tag or windshield RFID tag.

Securing a private parking garage while allowing easy access to residents has never been easier than with an access control system that uses a long-range RFID reader. Even better, the tags are non-transferable so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized entry. Check out the full brochure for more information about the LMSC1000.


For these products and more, contact United Steel Products in New York City today.


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