These security shutters are a Furnish Rolling Steel Gates Series 150 as manufactured by “USP” complete with curtain, hood, guides, counterbalance, and options as specified.


  • manual lift
  • internal central motors


Details About This Security Grilles

The security grille construction shall be a brick pattern or a straight pattern. The continuous horizontal solid rods 2 ¼ inch o.c. are to be covered with tubular spacers. The spacer is to be vinyl on these rolling doors. Links are to be aluminum. Rods are to be bright basic or galvanized wire. The bottom of the security grille shall be fitted with a bottom bar.

The available spacer colors: Bronze, Silver, Black and Gold.

The bottom bar shall consist of an interlocking slat carriage bolted to a 2 inches x 2 inches x ⅛ inch hot rolled angle. Also, the lifting handle is centered.

The spring counterbalance is computer designed. By using USP Helical Power Pack springs. The housings rotates around a fixed pipe shaft using steel cup bearings.

The guides are to be rolled formed from 11 gauge steel into a 2 ½ inches deep channel with ⅜ inch returns. The guide is a field welded to a mounting angle, minimum 2 inches x 2 inches x ⅛ inch hot rolled.

The hoods shall consist of number 24 U.S. gauge steel. The hoods are designed to protect and house counterbalance assembly.

The end bracket plates shall be of sufficient gauges to minimize deflection. Each plate has welded an angle pipe support to accept spring shaft assembly.

The locking uses, “HASPS & PINS” a galvanized steel pin padlocked to a steel hasp welded to the track. For other locking mechanisms see, “LOCKS”.

The finish for all exposed non-galvanized surfaces shall receive a shop coat of rust inhibiting primer. Field painting is not included in this section.

Installation to be by USP or by an authorized dealer.


  • Sloping bottom bar
  • Kick plate using 4SC slats
  • Bolted assembly
  • Slat locks
  • Security panel
  • Panic release (motorized)
  • Remote control (motorized)

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