The roller shutter door – do you need it for your business? Is it a good idea to obtain it even if you aren’t in a business and you are in a school or a hospital? You’ve probably considered getting one since you’re on our site, but what do you really know about them? Roller shutter doors, security grilles, roll up doors, rolling doors, and security shutters are all made to ensure that your business is able to stay in tip-top shape without you worrying about weather damage or any vandalism.

From designing to manufacturing our roller shutter doors, United Steel Products is able to provide your facility roller shutter doors. These roller shutter doors are able to protect your facility from a variety of elements. From vandalism to natural disasters that may destroy businesses, with our roller shutter doors you’re able to keep your facility protected. If you look at what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, with the amount of looting to the many of the businesses to the current crimes that are happening all over the country, it is imperative that you purchase a roller shutter door for your business. In Should You Buy A Roller Shutter Door For Your Business, we discussed the many reasons why it was a good idea to purchase a roller shutter door for your business. Some of the reasons you should obtain a roller shutter door for your business – which can also apply to other facilities – is the security a roller shutter door can provide, assurance that no matter what happens you don’t have to worry about your business, roller shutter doors are reasonably priced, protecting your business from the elements, and the longevity of a roller shutter door. At United Steel Products we’re able to help you design and manufacture a roller shutter door that’s right for your business.

Four Facilities That Need Roller Shutter Doors

Are you a part of a facility where you aren’t sure if it would be beneficial to purchase a roller shutter door? Have you considered purchasing a roller shutter door, but you aren’t sure if you need one because of the type of facility it is? In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the importance of purchasing a roller shutter door no matter what type of facility it is. If the facility is a business, we strongly encourage it. However, if it is a college, hospital, or are a kitchen in an office building or school, then it would be in your best interest to still protect your assets. Purchasing a roller shutter door could be one of the best decisions you make to protect your facility from any natural elements or any vandalism that could take place. Below are just four of the facilities that would benefit from a roller shutter door. If your facility isn’t on here, but you want to protect it, that’s great; take the time to call us, and we’ll provide you with any and all answers to your questions. From roller shutter doors to high speed doors and overhead garage doors, you’ll find all of your commercial security products with United Steel Products.


The hospital is a place that people come in during emergencies or when they are visiting loved ones. You want to make sure that your hospital has the foremost security and that patients, doctors, nurses, and visitors are all able to stay safe. People are going in and out constantly, and it can be hard to keep track of when someone should be somewhere. For instance, visiting hours end at a certain time, but how many times have people tried to weasel their way around the visiting hours? Since hospitals are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, you need to make sure that the proper security is installed without hindering any work. A good choice of a roller shutter door for a hospital is the Model 890 and the Model 875. Each of these doors will be a good area divider and will be great for security in the areas that are able to close down while still allowing those who need to walk around the hospital the ability to do so.


Do you run a kitchen in a large work building? Is there a cafeteria in your work building that requires to be closed off? Cafeterias or kitchens in work buildings need to be closed off properly. If you don’t close off the kitchen or the cafeteria, you are allowing people to come into an area where food is handled without practicing the proper precautions to ensure nothing is contaminated. In addition, without closing off a cafeteria or a kitchen, there is a chance that someone could infiltrate the area and steal from it. For example, if there is no security in a kitchen and someone comes in while it is closed, there could be a chance that someone would go into the kitchen and take some food. Stealing from a kitchen might not seem like such a big deal, but food is money and that could be detrimental to the business.


Schools need a roller shutter door because of the many children going in and out of the school. At night, when you lock a school up you’re able to ensure that nothing bad happens. By using roller shutter doors, you’re able to protect the school from any break ins, kids playing pranks, and the ability to keep the food in the kitchen safe from theft. With so many kids going in and out of the school, it can be hard to keep track, which is why when a school is locked up at night, you’re able to keep the school safe and, in turn, the children safe too. In addition, we have the perfect roller shutter doors for schools. No matter if the schools are an elementary school or a college, it’s essential that you have security, especially a type of security that allows protection without being intrusive. Two of our models that would most benefits schools are the Model 875 and the Model 890.

Sports Facilities

Keep your sports facilities safe. United Steel Production provided roller shutter doors for the Yankee Stadium and thus knows the importance of protecting sports facilities. Sometimes fans can get a little too rowdy and adventurous, but when you’re able to protect your sports facility from damage out of anger or even joy from winning, you’ll be very thankful you have commercial security. Yankee Stadium is able to keep their food stands safe, any uninvited guests from coming in when there isn’t a game, and the field secure from anyone wandering onto it. Keep your sports facility as safe as Yankee Stadium by protecting from any damage both of the elements and of people with our assortment of roller shutter doors.

With the ability to contact us 24 hours a day, seven days per week, you’ll be satisfied with not only our roller shutter door products, but also our excellent customer service.