Do you want security 24 hours a day and seven days a week? Do you want to go home every night to feel safe and confident that nothing bad will happen to your facility? Regardless if you have a kitchen you need to keep safe, a school to keep youths out of after hours, or if you have a store in a mall you want to keep protected from theft, a roller shutter door will be able to keep your facility harm-free. To make sure you’re able to sustain the safety you want, it’s best to invest in a roller shutter door. Roller shutter doors will enhance the security you want of your facility by tenfold. At United Steel Products, we offer several different types of roller shutter doors, but do you know the difference between all of them? At United Steel Products, we have an office full of professionals who want to help keep your facility safe. We even offer 24 hour and seven day a week services to ensure you’re able to keep your facility secure all of the time. Whether you’re working late and the roller shutter door decides to stop working while you close or if you’re opening up at the crack of dawn, we’re able to come out and help you figure out what’s going on with your roller shutter door. United Steel Products is here to help you with all of your roller shutter door necessities from roller shutter door accessories to finding you the right roller shutter door for your facility. If you’re wondering whether you need a roller shutter door for your business then read some of our past blogs. In Should You Buy A Roller Shutter Door For Your Business?, Different Facilities That Need Roller Shutter Doors, and Signs Your Roller Shutter Door Is Broken we aim to give you the information you need to make an executive decision on the types of doors you need.

Six Different Roller Shutter Doors For Your Facility

At United Steel Products, we don’t just sell one type of roller shutter door, but we actually offer six different types of roller shutter doors. Depending on what your business is and the type of security you’re looking for, you can pick from a wide selection of different doors that all do something a little different. At United Steel Products, we strive to offer the best roller shutter doors for each facility that comes to us. We want to make sure your facility is safe from outside forces and is the right type of door. For instance, kitchens have a unique type of door in comparison to the types of doors that shops in malls use. To learn what type of roller shutter door is best for your business, take the time to read about the different roller shutter doors below to see what’s right for your facility. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the different types of doors, you can always contact us with any questions you may have.

Rolling Doors

Rolling doors are garage type doors that roll down. They are one of the more common types of roller shutter doors for facilities such as warehouses and other types of facilities that face outside. These rolling doors are great to protect your facility from the natural elements and they are very easy to use. At United Steel Products, we have eight different models of rolling doors. From the basic security gate to the industrial aluminum door, if you’re looking for rolling doors you’ll find an abundance of different types that are beneficial for your facility. Rolling doors come in many sizes, so when you decide to purchase one don’t forget to measure the facility.

Rolling Grilles

The next type of roller shutter door we have is the rolling security grille. Rolling security grilles are very different than rolling doors. Rolling doors are better for facilities that face outside while rolling grilles are better for malls, kitchens, or pharmacies that are attached to drugstores. A rolling grille has holes and you’re able to see into the store in comparison to a rolling door that is basically a metal, solid sheet. Rolling grilles are also great to be able to see if there is anything amiss in your facility. We have four different rolling security grilles to pick from, so you’ll be sure to find something essential in our selection.

Rolling Fire Doors

Rolling fire doors and shutters are great for facilities that have to deal with fire safety. We have two different models of rolling fire doors as well as offer auto resetting operators. A rolling fire door is almost like a rolling door, but it will protect your facility from any fires. We have fire doors and shutters to pick from to contain any fires from spreading. If you work in a facility that deals with fires and any other safety hazards, then rolling fire doors are able to make sure your facility stays safe from the elements. Rolling fire doors have a large sheet of metal to help contain the fire and roll up and down like a rolling door. United Steel Products offers two models to pick from.

Side Folding Grilles

Side folding grilles are doors that slide from the side and have small holes to see into the facility. If you work in a school, kitchen, or even a hospital, side folding security grilles are fantastic to allow you to see what’s going on in the closed off area. Side folding grilles are good for facilities that are inside because there are holes in the grilles. So if you want to keep your business safe from the elements side folding grilles are not the way to go. We offer four different models at United Steel Product.

Overhead Garage Doors

With only two models available at United Steel Products, we make sure that these two models are the best possible. Commercial overhead garage doors are best used for auto garages or other facilities where you’ll need a garage door. These overhead garage doors work the same way that a garage door works, but they are much more sturdy and bigger. To protect your auto garage or other facility, an overhead garage door is a great option.

High Speed Doors

High speed doors are exactly what they sound like. They are doors that are high speed and very secure. We have two types of high speed doors one is ultrafast and the other is ultrasecure. Either of these high speed doors are great to use on facilities that face the outside. With the ability to go quicker, you’ll be satisfied with the security of our high speed doors.

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