If you’re a business who has just purchased a roller shutter door for commercial security, then wouldn’t you consider buying accoutrements that will make the security shutters much more effective? When you purchase a roller shutter door or a fire safety door, you want to make sure that everything is accounted for and working in the right condition. One way to do that is by purchasing accessories that will make the security shutters much easier and effective to work the door. For example, we provide three accessories that will make your commercial security stronger, more efficient, and more effectual. By offering loading dock equipment, you’ll notice that loading and unloading items are made much simpler when you take the time to find the right piece of gadgetry for your company. At United Steel Products, we pride ourselves on offering fire and roller shutter doors for a great price as well as the accessories that will make them much more successful.

Pair These Three Accessories

When it comes to accessories we want to make your life easier, which is why each of these loading dock accoutrements is great for any door. From overhead garage door openers to roller shutter doors, the loading dock accessories are a great purchase to make your life a little easier when loading and unloading in a warehouse. We provide three accessories for commercial security doors. Our goal at United Steel Products is to make sure that you’re satisfied with your security.

As a business owner, we know the importance of keeping out unwanted people, ensuring that the weather doesn’t do any damage to a store, and that the items in your business are safe and secure. From schools to businesses, we’re able to secure any facility when we install a roller shutter door. These three accessories will enhance the security for your establishment, making it a lot more advantageous when it comes to security. Below is a list of our three items to give you a better idea of how you can make your roller shutter door work triumphantly.

Dock Seal

The dock seal comes in three different types. A dock seal is a foam-filled compression area that can go on the top, sides, and the bottom of a trailer so as to create support for energy efficiency and climate control. A dock seal helps you save money due to the energy efficiency and climate controls seals. Additionally, you can increase your productivity because you’re working in a much more comfortable environment as well as a safe one. The fabric of the dock seals come in a variety of times, but they all have head pads or head curtains to ensure that the are doing the best job possible to keep your facility energy efficient. The more effective dock seal is the compression one with a curtain style head member and foam filled side pads. This one provides seals that are economical sound for doors that are 10 feet or higher in size. We also offer the Fixed Head Pad, the Adjustable Head Pad, and the Head Curtain.

Dock Bumper

The dock bumper, like the dock seal, comes in a variety of different models that you can pick from. A dock bumper helps to lessen the harm if there is vehicle damage to a building, loading dock, or cargo. A dock bumper stops any damage due to the heavy-duty bumpers. For example, if you’re loading some new items for your company into the warehouse and one of the drivers backs up too far, these dock bumpers are able to alleviate any of the harm because of what they are made out of. Designed from tightly sandwiched pads of fabric truck tires, these shaped and bound dock bumpers support rods and steel plates at any angle. We offer these dock bumpers in models that are laminated, molded, steel-faced, so all you need to do is pick the right one for your facility and ensure that no vehicle damage is done.

Vinyl Strip Weatherseals

Lastly, these vinyl strip weatherseals are available in three different models. You can purchase the Vinyl Strips to stabilize the UV rays as well as ensure that there are no traces of yellowing on any of your equipment. These Vinyl Strips are GSA approved from the federal government purchase and are prepared to protect your items from any elements harming them. In addition, they are resistant to a majority of inorganic acids, salts, and bases, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful situations occurring in your warehouse.

United Steel Products is a commercial garage door company in New York City. We cater to those who are looking for commercial security throughout the city. Our doors are fantastic for malls, shops, hospitals, schools, universities, and other facilities that need security to ensure that the establishment is safe from any outside sources. If you’re interested in purchasing a commercial security overhead garage door to keep your business or establishment safe, then take the time to contact us to see how we can help you. We offer roller shutter doors, fire doors, side folding security grilles, and many more security products to ensure your company stays safe from the weather and any unwanted visitors. For more information on roller shutter doors and commercial security, stay tuned for our further blogs.