We love the Big Apple, but like any major metropolitan area, living in New York means dealing with crime and safety concerns. If you own a high-rise community in New York, your residents are counting on you to provide security measures to keep them safe. Parking garages are one of the places where residents feel most vulnerable to criminal activity. As a building owner, purchasing the right access controls for your garage’s rolling doors is key to securing your property and giving your tenants peace of mind. 

If your high-rise or residential community in New York City is due for a security upgrade, you need to get in touch with United Steel Products. No matter the size or scope of your needs, we can build custom rolling doors for your business. Our engineers will survey your property and design rolling doors that perfectly fit your specifications. To complete your project, we will help you choose the optimal access controls for your system. In today’s post, we discuss the access control options available so that you can choose the right one for your building. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Rolling Door Access Control Options

CAP2D Connected Access Portal With Two-Door Controller

The CAP2D Connected Access Portal with two-door controller uses the cloud-based myQ Business™ system, so you don’t have to worry about difficult wiring or other tricky steps in the installation process. This unit can control two different gates or rolling doors, so you don’t need to purchase and install multiple controls for your entry and exit. With the myQ Business™ system, you can also remotely program your system and monitor activity from afar. If you have issues with former tenants or you are worried about suspicious activity, you can rely on the system to send you alerts if a suspended code is entered or an active code is being overused. Overall, this is a good model for standard residential parking garages.

CAPXL Connected Access Portal 

If you are looking for a more distinguished user experience, then you may want to opt for the CAPXL Connected Access Portal. This controller features a full color screen display and allows residents to contact your front desk or security office with crystal-clear call quality. This unit is capable of storing over 50,000 access credentials in its local memory, making it perfect for larger living communities. Better yet, all of this info can be accessed during internet blackouts or power outages, so you never have to worry about your security being compromised. Interested? Contact United Steel Products to get yours!

Specialty Overhead Operator

Some people don’t need all of the flash of the newest controls. The Specialty Overhead Operator is a more familiar controller for your rolling doors. This unit is akin to beefed up, more technologically advanced garage door slider system. Fitted with a rust protectant coating and a five year warranty, you can expect very little maintenance from this quiet and efficient unit. Like all of our access controls, the Specialty Overhead Operator is compatible with mQ Business™ technology, so you can set security controls remotely. Do you have concerns about cars tailgating and sneaking into your garage? Simply adjust the speed of your rolling door to keep unwanted guests out. 


If you are looking for an access system that provides extra security measures, the KPR2000 could be the controller for you. This unit can be programmed to accept a PIN number, key card, or both. Due to this, the local memory of the KPR2000 is smaller than the other controllers offered by United Steel Products, and can only store 2000 different user codes. This weather-proof unit can function as an independent controller or be integrated into Wiegand pass-through modes. Learn more about the KPR2000 by contacting United Steel Products.

LMSC 100 Liftmaster® with RFID Long Range Reader

If you own an upscale high-rise community with residents who expect the best, the LMSC 100 Liftmaster® access control is the clear choice. The main feature of this unit is the RFID Long Range Reader, which allows tenants to seamlessly enter and exit your private parking garage. The system recognizes RFID tags attached to rear view mirrors or windshields and will automatically activate your rolling doors from 20 to 30 feet away. These tags are non-transferable, providing uncompromising security for your residents. If your tenants expect the very best, the LMSC 100 Liftmaster® is the best access controller for your rolling doors. 

When it comes to the rolling doors for the parking garage of your high-rise community, there are a variety of access controls to choose from. The layout of your garage, your desired functionality, and the demographic of your residents are all factors in determining which access controls are right for your building. If you aren’t quite sure, get in touch with United Steel Products to set up a free consultation. We will survey your property and assess your needs to find the best access control system for your rolling doors. Are you ready to upgrade the security of your building? Contact us today!