Do you feel weird gusts of air or see a dent in your roller shutter door? If you’re experiencing an abundance of off behavior from your roller shutter door, then we have some bad news. It looks like your roller shutter door might be a little worse for wear and in need of some repairs. At United Steel Products, we want you to find the best roller shutter door for your business. From roll up doors to security grilles, you’ll be able to find roller shutter doors for a great price for whatever your facility may be. We offer roller shutter doors for hospitals, schools, kitchens, businesses, and warehouse, just to name a few of the few facilities we cater to. If you want to learn more about roller shutter doors, then read Should You Buy A Roller Shutter Door For Your Business and Different Facilities That Need Roller Shutter Doors. We strive to offer the best roller shutter doors in the New York City area. If you are experiencing any problems with your roller shutter doors, then don’t hesitate to reach out.



Four Signs You Need A Roller Shutter Door

We compiled just four signs that your roller shutter door is in need of repairs. When you find that your roller shutter door is broken it can be very detrimental to your facility. You might be afraid that someone is able to break into your business or that natural elements will harm your facility. Even if your roller shutter door is broken, you can call United Steel Products to remedy that situation. When you call United Steel Products, we’ll be at your facility as quickly as possible. We offer 24 hour emergency services that will come to your facility at any time no matter the day of the week. Our 24 hour emergency service makes sure no one is able to get into your facility uninvited, which is why we’re able to come to your facility at any time you need us. If you aren’t sure if your roller shutter door is broken and you need to call us, then these four signs will help guide you in what you need to know about broken roller shutter doors.


Dents might not seem like a big deal, afterall if you work in a warehouse sometimes things get a little worn for wear. However, when it comes to dents and bends in your roller shutter door, it might be a sign of something a little more detrimental than someone accidentally backing up with a machine into the door. Roller shutter doors are built to withstand some knocks and hits, but when there is a big dent it can be a weak spot in the door. Sometimes, dents can happen because of the buckling of the weight of the door. If there are dents in the surface and paneling, it’s generally an easy fix and your door will still work. However, if you allow the dent to stay around without getting it fixed it can become much more hazardous as you let the dent fester.

Unusual Noise

Another sign that something is going on with your roller shutter door are the unusual noises that it might be making. Similar to a garage door, if your roller shutter door is making some bizarre sounds when it opens or closes, then it’s time to have someone come look at it. Obviously, a roller shutter door shouldn’t be making odd squeaks no matter how soft they may sound. Your door should normally operate with normal noise nothing too crazy like screeching and grinding.


Can you feel a cold draft in your facility? This one might be a little harder to tell depending on your facility, but for the most part, you shouldn’t feel cold drafts of air. The purpose of a roller shutter door is to protect your facility from natural elements such as hurricanes, storms, high winds, and tornados. If your roller shutter door is closed, but you still feel cold air or worse you see puddles accumulating on the floor, then it’s time to call an expert to come out and take a look.

Troublesome Operation

Troublesome operation is basically the way the roller shutter door operates. If the roller shutter door isn’t operating with ease and is not opening and closing with usual smoothness, then you’re looking at a broken roller shutter door. Troublesome operation includes juddering or opening with difficulty, when it should be moving without any resistance or strain. If your roller shutter door is temperamental and straining to operate, then it could cause a health risk. A big warning sign is impeded movement of the door, so watch out to ensure everything is working properly.

If any of these signs sound like your roller shutter door, then it’s time to call on United Steel Products. Remember, if your roller shutter door is broken beyond repair, you can always come to us to start selecting a new one. We offer many different types of roller shutter doors that will cater to your facility and secure it properly.