When it comes to securing your home or business, nothing offers the convenience and safety that a roller shutter door does. It’s important to invest in a roller shutter door that’s going to last for years, is easy to manage, offers full control, and doesn’t pose a danger to anyone.

At United Steel Products in New York City, we’re dedicated to providing roller shutter doors that secure different areas of your home or building while still being easy and safe to use. Our Hi-Performance Doors are especially reliable when it comes to ease of use and longevity. Learn more about the benefits of our best roller shutter doors, and contact USP today to place a customized order.

Higher Life Cycle

Our Hi-Performance Doors includes a direct-drive operator instead of springs. This puts less stress on the mechanism and different components that move the door up and down. This type of operator increases the number of door cycles to 500,000, whereas spring-operated roller shutter doors only last for about 100,000 cycles.

Less Maintenance

When your roller shutter door is designed to last longer, it usually means there’s less maintenance involved as well. This is true for our Hi-Performance Doors! The direct-drive operator keeps components aligned better and makes mechanical operations smoother, which means fewer issues and costs for maintenance.

Controllable Speeds

The direct-drive operator is also responsible for the speed at which your roller shutter doors open and close. This streamlined technology allows the Hi-Performance Door to open as quickly as 48 inches per second, and close at 24 inches per second. 

The Hi-Performance Door also features a variable speed operator, which enables a slow-start and slow-stop feature. This is another feature that minimizes wear and tear to the system and, in turn, increases the roller shutter door’s lifespan. 

Failure-Safe System

Since the system that operates the Hi-Performance Door doesn’t include springs, the roller shutter door stays aligned easier. This means that your door won’t fail or fall due to a misalignment. The direct-drive operator not only makes your roller shutter door easier to use, but also makes it safer to use.

A Reliable Door from a Team You Can Trust

When it comes to the operation of your business or the function of your home, you rely on different mechanisms to keep things running smoothly. When you invest in a roller shutter door like the Hi-Performance Door from United Steel Products, you’re ensuring that you have the most control and the highest level of safety. 

Make sure shipments can be loaded and unloaded quickly with the speed that this roller shutter door offers. Secure your facility quickly while giving your employees the ability to move out of the way of the door safely. 

With the Hi-Performance Door, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and maintain better security of your facility. Contact United Steel Products in New York City to discuss how we can further customize your roller shutter doors.