Now that you’ve purchased your roller shutter doors, system operator, and access controls from United Steel Products, do you have a plan for maintaining your new products? While roller shutter doors from USP are designed with the best technology and have a longer lifespan than other roller shutter doors, scheduling regular maintenance for your system can help extend the life of your roller shutter doors even further.

Learn more about the benefits of scheduling regular maintenance for your shutter doors, and check out all that the United Steel Products Maintenance Plan has to offer residents and business owners in New York City. 

Extend the Life of Your Roller Shutter Doors

When you order a roller shutter door from USP like our Hi-Performance Door, your system includes a direct-drive operator that extends the life of your products. Instead of 100,000 cycles, the direct-drive operator allows you to run up to 500,000 cycles during the lifespan of your roller shutter door.

When you add regular maintenance to your investment, you’re ensuring that your roller shutter doors last this long and potentially even longer. We aren’t just providing you with an amazing product — we’re also providing you with quality maintenance to help you get the most out of your roller shutter doors.

Prevent System Fails and Downtime

Like many systems and appliances, regular maintenance can decrease the likelihood that your system ever malfunctions or fails entirely. When we perform maintenance on your roller shutter doors, we go through a preset checklist to make sure we inspect your roller shutter doors, operators, and any dock equipment. 

Our scheduled maintenance plan helps us catch issues before they become full-blown problems that cause a system to fail. We can also make suggestions for repairs and replacements for any issues we do find during scheduled maintenance.

Save Money on Repairs and Productivity

You’ve heard the saying, “Time is money,” so a failing roller shutter door means wasted time and money lost. A broken roller shutter door could mean that your facility is exposed to hazardous environments, effects scheduled shipments, and generally makes the worksite less secure.

These issues need to be addressed right away, which means time and energy invested in fixing a problem rather than continuing to be productive and generating a profit.

Repairs generally cost significantly more than maintenance because there are entire parts of your roller shutter door system out of commission. Instead of spending time, energy, and money to make repairs, invest in a scheduled maintenance plan that allows you to continue your job seamlessly.

We Cover a Variety of Products

USP offers an extensive list of products, so it only makes sense that we offer to service all of them! We provide maintenance for security grilles, rolling shutter doors, high speed doors, as well as our electric operators and different access controls. 

We provide our services for a variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional doors, shutters, and grilles. We can also customize your maintenance plan based on the products and equipment you have.

Free Enrollment and Benefits

Your maintenance plan will vary depending on the rolling shutter doors and equipment you want serviced, but enrolling in our Preventative Maintenance Program is free of charge! We also offer member benefits as soon as you schedule your first Preventative Maintenance, or PM, service call.

As a member of the PM Program, you’ll receive discounts on labor costs. You are also responsible for any parts used to repair your system, but we won’t start repairs until we have your consent.

USP Offers the Best Products and Maintenance Plan for Them

At United Steel Products, we want to make sure you have the highest quality rolling shutter doors, operators, and access controls from the day you purchase our products until the end of their lifespan. We offer quality materials, the best technology in operators, and a variety of access controls to help you easily operate your roller shutter doors.

On top of that, we offer our Preventative Maintenance Plan to make sure that your products are always working as efficiently as possible. Visit the United Steel Products Maintenance Service page for more information about our service plans and to enroll in scheduled maintenance.