Fire shutters can be one of the most beneficial ways to protect your facility. We offer the Model 700 and the Model 750 as well as many operators that will ensure your establishment is protected from fire hazards. What’s great about these doors are how they will automatically close when a fire takes place. Instead of allowing the fire to spread, these fire doors will halt it in one area for a maximum of three hours. This gives the fire department enough time to get to your facility before any damage can be completed. Fire safety doors are the best option for labs, warehouses, and everything in between.

At United Steel Products, we strive to offer rolling doors that are versatile, safe, and protective from of any sort of hazard. We strive to create doors that allow maximum reliability. You can also get smoke protection to ensure that your facility and the people in it are safe. Our doors have UL, 3.1 ½ and ¾ hour labels to show you about the highlights of the door and how safe they may be. What’s great about the Model 700 and the 750 is that they will automatically close during the fire. Due to being able to sense the increase in heat, these doors will close when a fire takes place. This means even if the fire is in the middle of the night, your facility will still be safe.

Unlike the Model 700, the Model 750 has bent steel guides as well as an oversized shutter that’s up to 20 feet in width. Both of these fire doors have manual lifts and external motors as well as automatic testing and hand crank. They also both offer viscous governor technology and interlocking slates that are made from cold rolls dipped in galvanized steel.

We also offer auto resetting operators. The Model FDC and the Access Control: Releases are designed to make your life a little easier because of how simple these are to work and how they keep up the security in your facility. These doors are great in commercial garage doors as well as other facilities where fires are a little more common such as labs or warehouses. The Model FDC has standard applications and the Access Control: Releases have advanced fire release devices, which can help detect smoke.

For more information about fire safety doors or our rolling doors, take the opportunity to contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve safety in your facility.