These different access controls will allow your commercial garage doors and roll up doors to work effectively and efficiently. Learn more about these access controls below.


Crown Jewel

Compact Residential Telephone Entry System
The Crown Jewel Series is the most compact telephone entry system available for gated residential entrances and door access points. Its extensive features allow any resident or office manager to increase the level of protection while enhancing the value of the property.



Residential and Commercial Telephone Entry System with Expanded Capacity and Enhanced Versatility
The EL25 is beautifully engineered for private residences and gated communities, yet fully adaptable for use in apartment buildings, condo complexes, office parks, and commercial sites.



Gate Access Panel
The GAPLM provides wireless access and communication for single family residences, either at a gate or door. It is compatible with several of our wireless access and communication systems, all of which are customizable, easy to install, and easy to operate.


Infinity DI

Office Building or Gated Residential Community Telephone Entry System
The Infinity DI is engineered for exceptional performance and functionality, combining the convenience of telephone entry with the flexibility of access control.