At United Steel Products, we offer rolling doors that will keep your facility safe; however, we also offer some basic essentials to ensure that you have the appropriate commercial security. Our access controls range from basic options to telephones and remotes. When it comes to having the best commercial security, it’s more than just having a rolling door that’s in great shape. It also comes down to having access controls that will ensure your rolling doors are working great. If you’re not sure about access controls because there are a variety of options, contact us today so we can ensure that you have the best commercial security offered on the market.

Some of the access controls that we offer are the basic options, key pads/readers, telephones, and remotes. These basic access controls are essential for commercial rolling doors to keep your business safe. They vary from the Nema One Push Button Stations – which have three button stations that are attached to the wall – to the Ceiling Pull Switch, which is a single pull-throw in the interior as well as the exterior.

Another option access control option are releases. We carry advanced, extended-performance and high-performance release options. The Advance Fire Control Release Device – the LM21AFCB — is made to use with a standard commercial door operator when an automated door closing system is required. We also have high performance devices for fail-safe situations that act as more of an interface between a fire alarm and the door, which makes it good for facilities that require fire doors.

Our third option is the Access Control: Telephones. These devices are designed to make your life easier. You’ll have access controls for your rolling doors that will help bolster your security and increase the value of your property. We have a variety of options that range from the Crown Jewel to the Infinity DI, all of which help with functionality and efficiency of your operations.

Lastly, we offer Access Control: Remotes. These remotes are great for commercial security because they are pre-wired to the content to an operator. Each of these remotes also offers close/stop/start functionality as well as lock-out functions. Whether you want the more popular Liftmaster or the Multi-code, you can expect top commercial security when you choose United Steel Products. Contact us today for all of your rolling door needs!


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