Have you been considering increasing the security in your facility? Are you looking to make sure no damage is done to your business? At United Steel Products, we offer an assortment of roller shutter doors and fire doors to keep your facility safe. If you’re on the fence about figuring out whether you need commercial security in your facility, then take the time to read some of our past blogs to learn what you could have in your establishment to make sure it is protected properly. Read Different Types Of Roller Shutter Doors, Different Facilities That Need Roller Shutter Doors, and Should You Buy A Roller Shutter Door For Your Business?, to learn why it’s essential that you have a roller shutter door or a fire door. United Steel Products prides itself on offering an assortment of products and services to ensure your facility is well protected. If you’ve found your commercial security is broken or you want to upgrade, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll find you the right products to ensure your facility is well protected.

United Steel Products offers an assortment of different commercial security doors, but in today’s blog, we’ll be focusing on the importance of fire doors. The reason that commercial security is so important is because of what could happen if the right precautions are not taken to protect your facility. For example, natural elements are liable to damage your facility if you don’t take the proper care to protect your facility. One of those natural elements is fire. To ensure you are able to keep your facility safe, it’s best if you have a way to slow down the fire in your facility, so you can wait for help to come.

What Are Fire Doors?

A fire door is a type of door that can contain and resist fire. Fire doors have fire-resistance ratings to help keep a fire at bay. Fire protection ratings are passive fire protection systems to help decrease any fire or smoke from escaping. Essentially, fire doors will help keep your facility safe because it won’t allow the fire to spread. With separate compartments, you’ll notice your facility will be safe from any fire damage if a fire does occur. In most facilities, there are fire dampers to stop the spreading of fire, but fire doors will help to separate the fire and contain it while fire dampers is a passive method for fire protection that prevents the spreading of the fire in the ventilation system. Fire doors are made out of special materials to provide the spreading of the fire. Fire doors are not a barrier, but a way to slow down and contain the fire.

What Can Fire Doors Do?

Fire doors are able to stop and contain a fire. If you have a facility that you want to keep safe, then it’s best if you protect it by purchasing a fire door. Fire doors are made out of many important elements to stop the fire in its tracks. Some of the elements that make up a fire door include aluminum, vermiculite, timber, steel, gypsum, and even glass. There are certain regulations and guidelines that make the fire door safe for stopping fires. In addition, the frame on the door is able to seal the fire and smoke to contain it until help is able to arrive. The seals are made out of strips that expand when exposed to heat, gaskets to stop the smoke from spreading to the next room, and weatherstripping to hold the fire and smoke at bay. The actual door has smoke seals, gas seals, ball bearing hinges, latching mechanisms, and automatic closing devices that will shut the fire down. Furthermore, the fire door will help to hold the structure in place as the fire takes shape. Fires happen, they may be an accident or something a little more sinister, but if you want to protect your facility the best way possible, then take the time to find the right fire door for you.

Who Needs Fire Doors?

When it comes to picking the right type of commercial security for your facility, it’s best to think about the security needs of your establishment. For example, a cafeteria needs to keep people out after hours; however, it also needs to allow the cleaning staff to go through the area. In the case of hospitals, people are working around the clock and there are areas that need to stay open while others need to be shut down. Think about the type of facility you have, so you’re able to best determine what steps you need to take to pick the proper door for you. When it comes to fire doors, if you have a facility that you want to keep safe from fires, it’s probably best for you to invest in a fire door. Facilities that would most benefit from fire doors are: healthcare facilities, warehouses, cafeterias, kitchens, labs, and factories. We strongly encourage your establishment to invest in fire doors for your facility if you feel you’re in danger of having a fire in your establishment.

What Fire Door Models Do We Carry?

United Steel Products carries many different commercial security products. Each of our products is able to offer you the protection you want for your establishment. We carry a few different fire doors for you to choose from and each fire door is able to offer something a little different. Below are the three models we carry for fire doors. In addition, we also offer fire door accessories for each of our fire door models.

Model 700

This model is 13 feet and six inches in width and 12 feet in height. By surpassing all of the necessary requirements, the Model 700 is coated in polyester enamel and stainless steel to keep your establishment safe from any harm.

Model 750

Manufactured with UL Labels of Classes A through C to keep the fire contained, you’re able to keep your establishment protected with these fire shutter doors. These are designed to keep the fire from spreading for up to three hours.

Model FDC

With high-efficiency and automatic closings, you’ll be able to keep your establishment safe from any fire damage. This model has 72-hour battery backs and automatic without a spring tension. You’ll also be able to activate and open and close the alarm feature.

Are you interested in purchasing a fire door for your facility? Take the time to learn more about our fire doors to see which one is right for you. If you ever have an emergency with your fire door, you can always count on our 24-hour emergency service. We look forward to securing your facility with our fire doors and other roller shutter doors that we offer.