In your warehouse or your store, the roller shutter door just doesn’t seem to want to work. You’re being driven crazy by the loud din that seems to take over when the roller shutter door moves or you can’t seem to figure out why it won’t open or close all of the way. While we do offer emergency 24 hour services, it can be a nuisance to have to deal with these issues.

Three Common Problems You’ve Probably Dealt With

What are some common you’ve dealt with due to your roller shutter doors in your facility? Have you had to contend with a roller shutter door that won’t open? What about the noise? Is there a loud opening and closing noise when your door moves? Have you noticed that a door won’t open because there has been a clash of codes? While roller shutter doors are essential for keeping your facility safe from outside forces, there are problems you’re dealing with again and again. We’ll go over these issues and touch on how you can solve them. If you’ve tried to fix the issue and it’s still present, then take the time to contact United Steel Products.

The Movement

The first problem we’re going to deal with is the roller shutter door not opening, not closing, or only moving until it’s halfway down. This is an issue that many facilities and even homes deal with in the garage. While it’s a nuisance, the fix isn’t as difficult as you might think. You’ll want to check the sensors for some damage or some dirt. By checking the sensors to see if there’s dirt or damage to them, you’re able to see if there’s something blocking the door from closing all of the way or there’s a piece that might be broken or harmed. A broken piece will require an expert from United Steel Products to come out, however, you’ll know what to tell us. Keep in mind that all roller shutter doors have an emergency release chain you can pull on to open or close the door all of the way.

A Clash Of Codes

This happens all of the time with garage doors as well. If there are people around your facility that use the same roller shutter doors or the same code as your facility, then there could be a clash of the codes. When there are roller shutter doors that are the same make, then they can clash with each other. Consider a garage door in a condo complex. Everyone has a similar garage door opener, so a majority of them will clash with each other because they are the same make and model.

The Noise

The noise can be very difficult to get over. There are lots of people who want to eliminate the noise and even ask for quieter roller shutter doors for their facility. Your roller shutter door might be noisy because it’s due for some routine maintenance. Preventive maintenance is very overlooked in roller shutter doors because it’s easy for you to want to put it off. By regularly keeping up to date on your roller shutter door, you can have a well moving piece of equipment that will be less noisy due to the parts being in the right place and the equipment not being corroded.

At United Steel Products, we have the expert knowledge to help you figure out these common problems you might be facing. Along with our emergency services, we also can help you find the right roller shutter door for your facility and we provide preventative maintenance.