Retail loss is a real thing that happens consistently to store owners. According to the NRF, in the United States, the retail economy has lost a whopping total of 45.2 billion in 2015 because of a myriad of reasons that create retail loss. As a store owner, it can be devastating to realize that you’ve lost out on making a profit because of error or a more unsavory reason. At United Steel Products, we want to help you prevent retail loss by improving the security in your store. We provide an array of roller shutter door products that can prevent retail loss. From roller shutter doors to rolling doors, we have you covered when it comes to store security.

Why You’re Experiencing Retail Loss

Before we dive into some ways to prevent retail loss, let’s address the reasons that you are experiencing it in the first place. While sometimes it can result in an employee error, other times it can be because of theft and break ins. If you’re experiencing retail loss, it can be because of some of the following reasons:

  • Customer theft: Customer theft results in about $10 billion that’s stolen annually. Even the smallest items that go missing can add up to mass amounts of profits your store is losing out on. Customer theft can be easily stopped with the following ways to prevent retail loss that we detail below.
  • Break ins: Break ins can be stopped if you have the correct security measures. Roller shutter doors are a great way to eliminate people from infiltrating your shop at night or even in the early hours of the morning. These doors are designed to keep your facility safe, so why not utilize them?
  • Employee theft: Employee theft unfortunately happens. It’s important that you train your employees correctly and hire trustworthy people who will carry out the ideals of your store. You can stop employee theft by installing security cameras to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to.
  • Administrative error: While mistakes happen, if it happens consistently and the record keeping and pricing have discrepancies, it’s vital that you address it immediately after just one time. You can eliminate this issue by re-training your employees and making sure that there are repercussions if it continues to happen.

Ways To Prevent Retail Loss

Preventing retail loss doesn’t have to be a full time job when you take the proper precautions. By implementing ways to prevent retail loss, like the ones we list below, you’ll be able to eliminate any profit losses. At United Steel Products, we can help with some of the security measures such as obtaining a roller shutter door to keep out break ins. For more information on preventing retail loss, contact us today to install a security measure.


The first way and perhaps the most inexpensive are the signs that you can put around your store to scare off any theft or burglars. If you don’t have the money to purchase more severe security measures, then a simple sign will let people know that they are being watched and that shoplifting isn’t tolerated. You can buy a variety of different security signs to keep out shoplifters and deter burglars from trying to break into your store. A sign will be the first warning that your store doesn’t tolerate theft and sometimes that’s all you need. However, a simple sign isn’t always a good way to deter people from stealing your products.


If you have a little more cash to throw down for your store’s safety measures, then try mirrors. While they aren’t as versatile as a camera, a mirror can allow you to see all angles of your store from just standing behind the counter. A mirror can allow you to survey what’s going on in your store and to see any suspicious behavior that might be going on. If you have any blind spots in your store, then make sure to install security mirrors. Make sure to walk through your store to find these blind spots. After all, you want to make sure that every angle is seen in the mirrors.

Roller Shutter Doors

Lastly, to prevent break ins, you’ll want to install roller shutter doors in your store. Roller shutter doors will come down and protect the inside and the outside of your store during the hours that no one is there. They will keep your store safe from not only break ins, but also disastrous weather. Roller shutter doors are a surefire way to keep your facility secure because of the versatility it offers.

For more information on keeping your store safe, stay tuned for our next blog.