When you purchase a roller shutter door, you should be prepared to invest time and energy into making sure every cog, cord, and spring is working properly. While a roller shutter door is a perfect piece of security to ensure your facility is safe from outside forces, it’s vital that you keep up with maintenance so it works properly and stays intact. A roller shutter door, rolling door, rolling grilles, fire door, side folding door, overhead garage door, and high speed doors are all doors that need preventative maintenance to make sure there are longevity and an efficient system to protect your facility. At United Steel Products, we tell each of our customers about our preventative maintenance program and why it’s vital for your roller shutter door. For questions about roller shutter doors or our program, don’t hesitate to reach out to United Steel Products.

Tips For Your Roller Shutter Doors

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some preventative maintenance tips for roller shutter doors. While you might think that you have preventive maintenance all figured out for your roller shutter door, it never hurts to have more information on hand about how you can take care of your doors. Keep in mind that every door is different, but the preventative maintenance is very similar. You’ll need to get it done twice a year to ensure that you don’t have any hiccups when crunch time is here. Remember that preventative maintenance occurs to keep your roller shutter doors healthy and working properly.

Check For Wear And Tear

The first tip for roller shutter doors is to check for the wear and tear on your roller shutter door. While you’re probably busy making sure your facility is running smoothly, it’s important that you check for wear and tear frequently to make sure you’re not going to have to deal with some major issues. This means that you should inspect cables, rollers, hardware, the door springs, and even the electronic operators to make sure that you’re looking at a healthy door. By catching wear and tear early, you won’t have to worry about detrimental broken parts, high tension, and any injuries if the door isn’t handled properly.

Look And Listen

The second tip we have for you is to look and listen to your roller shutter door. If you come in to open your warehouse and you hear a strange grueling noise from your door that you’ve never heard before, then take the time to check it out. Don’t ignore odd sounds or avoid frequently checking your equipment. Not taking the time to look and listen can be just the tiny detail that makes your roller shutter door stop working. If you hear an odd sound, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional. By observing the goings on of your roller shutter door, you’ll stop any long term damage from occurring.

Join A Preventative Maintenance Program

Lastly, you’ll want to join a preventive maintenance program to come out and check your equipment at least twice a year. Luckily for you, United Steel Products has just the program to ensure you have access to professionals. In addition, if any damage is sustained, we have a 24 hour and seven day a week emergency service to repair any issues with your roller shutter door. When you purchase a door through us, we’ll provide you with access to this program. Take the time to learn more about our preventative maintenance program.